Why me? Who am I?

Not long ago, I was involved in a in-depth conversation with some family involved in inner-city ministries in different cities in the eastern United States. While I myself am not directly involved in those ministries, I do have a heart for their work. Even my own volunteer lay work touches on some of these same issues. Instead of internalizing the issues like I often do, I felt the urging to publish my thoughts and discussions in a more open forum.
Why am I anonymous? I’m not really trying to hide anything, but I know for a fact that the opinions I hold my be considered controversial by some in my own family and church. While I am not ashamed of these opinions, I know that the written word can be misconstrued. I also want to give others the opportunity to discuss their own opinions with the same anonymity. I’m hoping this becomes a good outlet to do so.
But back to who I am. I am a lay volunteer at an Assemblies of God church. I have some bible school training, but I am not in ministerial position.

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